Frozen Genetics - Embryos Available

Only the most elite females, each one having produced at least 6 consecutive calves, starting as a two-year-old, with proven track records, have make it into our Embryo Program. Download "Embryos Available" PDF

Lasater Beefmaster 3062

A 1993 model, Lasater 3062 is highly fertile and functional, the ideal cow in a multi-trait selection program. Before deciding to flush Lasater 3062, she was raising her 11th consecutive calf. She is the dam of Herd Sire, Lasater 1392.

Embryos Available: 2 by Lasater 3705.



Lasater Beefmaster 5917

A 1995 model, Lasater 5917 is a highly functional and athletic cow with an udder of a two-year-old. She is virtually flawless in her structure. Every year she has weaned heavy, attractive calves.

Embryos available: 3 by Lasater 5096.



Lasater Beefmaster 8593

Lasater 8593 is clearly one of our most productive cows. Three of her calves had weaning weights over 700 lbs., including two heifer calves. That’s outstanding on the shortgrass prairie of Eastern Colorado or anywhere else. She is built like a tank and yet extremely feminine.

Embryos available: 2 by Lasater 3705.



Lasater Beefmaster 7516

An attractive cow with tremendous length, Lasater 7516 has been a heavy hitter in more ways than one. When you combine her production record and her flush record, you've got something very unique and worth while.

Embryos Available: 23 by Lasater 3705.



Lasater Beefmaster 8613

Here’s another outstanding female with a flawless record and wonderful bodytype. She is filled to the brim with high production qualities like fertility, milk production, and growth. Her fourth calf, Lasater 3610, was chosen as a Herd

Embryos available: 2 by Lasater 3705



Lasater Beefmaster 9501

Here’s one of the most beautiful cows you will ever see, with a perfect udder at the age of 8. Another great cow with an outstanding production record. Like the others, she has never missed a beat.

Embryos Available: 5 by Lasater 0192.



Lasater Beefmaster 8526

Lasater 8526, also a 1998 model, is another outstanding fertile and productive females. She is the dam of Herd Sire 5227.

Embryos available: 7 by Lasater 0192.



Lasater Beefmaster 8213

Here's a fantastic, sturdy cow with a fabulous record. Build like a tank with extra rib and capacity, she has not missed a beat. Perfect breeding record and perfect production record.

Embryos Available: 1 by Lasater 6129.



Lasater Beefmaster 8503

A 1998 model, Lasater 8503 is highly fertile and productive. Before flushing her, she raised 7 consecutive calves with an average weaning weight 60 lbs above the average.

Embryos available: 3 by Lasater 4248



Lasater Beefmaster 9013

Lasater 9013 is clearly one of our most beautiful donor cows. Tremendous length of body and femininity. She raised 6 outstanding calves before we decided to flush her.

Embryos Available: 2 by Lasater 4248.



Herd Sires Represented

Lasater Beefmaster 5096


Lasater Beefmaster 3705

Lasater Beefmaster 0192

Lasater Beefmaster 4248


Lasater Beefmaster 6129