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Semen Available from these Foundation Herd Sires. - To purchase, contact Alex Lasater at 210-872-1117

Lasater Beefmaster 8208

Sired by one of our most prolific semen sires 4290; who sired 6 outstanding Foundation Herd Bulls. He is long and well-muscled, the way he is built stands out in a group. As a three year old he was well ahead of his peers in scrotal measurement. He sired by far the most calves born in 2012..... 33 bull calves: 15 had IMF ratios of over 100, 12 had REA ratios of over 100, 14 had yearling ratios averaging 105.


Lasater Beefmaster 4290

Lasater 4290 is proving to be one of the best herd sires that we've raised in quite a while. As a two-year-old, he was the most prolific among his multiple-sire group, leaving 13 sons. Those 13 sons had an average weaning weight ratio of 107 and yearling weight ratio of 103. And then he did it again as a three year old, leaving 12 sons with an average weaning weight ratio of 109 and yearling weight ratio of 106. Exportable.


Lasater Beefmaster 5096

Lasater 5096 is a 1995 model out of a two-year-old dam and has the conformation and performance that will never go out of style. He combines two characteristics that don't always go hand-in hand: power and style. He is massive, larger-boned, heavily muscled, and yet he is smooth made, sound, correct, and naturally athletic. He has been widely used in the U.S. and Mexico with great success.


Lasater Beefmaster 4248

Lasater 4248 is one of our newest addition to our A.I. lineup. Like Lasater 3705, he is also out of a proven 8-year-old dam. He shares the same breed-leading capacity, phenotype and attractive muscle pattern of his sire, Lasater 1526. He is certainly one of 1526's best sons, if not the best, and that is saying a lot. As a two-year-old, we were not surprised to find out that he had one of the largest Ribeye Areas, 16.9. His first sons sold in our 2008 sale.


Lasater Beefmaster 5367

Foundation 5367, is our most prolific bull ever. Born in 2015 from a 10 year old dam, in his first year of service, he sired 32 calves. A typical outstanding bull may sire 15 - 20 calves. When we chose him as a yearling we were impressed with his muscling at such a young age. At age two, although he was very active during the breeding season, had a significant weight gain. Our fourteen 2018 yearling keep bulls, who were born in 2017, include three bulls sired by him; two of whom had well above average gains over the summer. Exportable


Lasater Beefmaster 0192

Lasater Beefmaster 0192 was noticed early in his career and quickly became one of our elite AI Sires, and as a result he has been widely used all around the world. You can't imagine a more massive, powerful, heavily muscled, attractive bull than Lasater Beefmaster 0192. As a yearling, he was the most prolific breeder among the 2000 models. Five of his sons have been selected as Lasater Herd Sires